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  Catalyst Coalition of Napa County

 a program of napa county office of education for the prevention of youth alcohol & drug use.

Please Help American Canyon High School!

American Canyon High School students are on a mission to improve driving safety and raise money for school activities.

They are asking anyone 14 years and older to click on and pledge to drive safely by keeping two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.  

Visit the site daily to help improve American Canyon's chances!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Red Ribbon Week
comes at the end of the month!

Each year, the Catalyst Coalition partners with schools, businesses, agencies and organizations to celebrate and spread awareness of Red Ribbon Week throughout Napa County.  Current planning partners include Health & Human Services, Friday Night Live, Mariposa, AmeriCorps, National Guard, CAN-V, and the District Attorney’s office.  Fun, educational activities are happening in all the schools to raise awareness of the harm of alcohol and drugs.

*Sign the Parent Pledge & be sure to tell us about it on Facebook!  
*Download the Student Pledge to use at home and make an agreement as a family.

Youth Marijuana Prevention in Napa County:  BE AHEAD OF THE CROWD!

Be informed about youth marijuana use and the effects of marijuana on the teen brain, including a decline in I.Q. For more information,
please click here.


Now in schools throughout the county!

Teens can anonymously report any youth-related incident of harm that occurs in Napa County simply
by texting.

All tips are 100% anonymous! 

To use: text to TIP411 and start your message with

You'll be glad you did!
All Kids Should Be Screened for Alcohol Use, Pediatricians Say

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has recently released a revised policy report recommending
doctors screen all of their young patients for alcohol use, starting in middle school. 

According to lead author, Patricia Kokotailo of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, "A remarkable amount of brain development is still occurring for young people through their 20's.  This policy statement provides better evidence about how alcohol affects the brains of young people and why it is important to screen children."  (Source:, 2010)

As a concerned parent, ask your teen's pediatrician to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol at your next visit.   Your action could save lives!

 Hand-Out for Parents

The Catalyst Coalition has produced a publication for parents on how to talk with their kids about alcohol.  Information includes valuable tips on a range of topics, such as alcohol and health, parties, driving, and more.  Appropriate for elementary, middle, and high schoolers.  Click on each picture below to access the publication online. 


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